Fortnite v6.30 Upgrade brings Food Fight Style and bug fixes

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Fortnite v6.30 Upgrade brings Food Fight Style and bug fixes

Epic Games barely enables any social fad pass by without presenting any appropriate articles on Fortnite and this approach has assured that the video game seems refreshing each time you play with it. Together with Fortnite v6.30 upgrade, the video game could have received its most enjoyable video game style nonetheless, together with brand new weapons and bug fixes.
Fortnite v6.30 Upgrade brings Food Fight Style and bug fixes, eduworldtricks

The new upgrade adds 'Food Fight' style to the video game, that comes in an addition to Disco Domination along with other regular manners in the battle royale component of the video game. In Food Fight, all of the players are divided into two groups of 12 members each. The players are divided into both of these groups randomly and get tomato or hamburger as their personality heads for your session. The groups are divided by a wall at the first period and then struggle to ruin each other's foundations.

Aside from this enjoyable manner, there's a Mounted Turret weapon additionally added into the video game. The weapon becomes infinite ammo but players need to offer it a rest after shooting for a while since it overheats. What's more, the balloons which were added together with the preceding update have appropriate visual and audio consequences if several are hauled simultaneously.

There's a brand new tournament known as Scavenger Pop-Up Cup' added into the video game. For the uninitiated, these Pop-Up Cups are basically tournaments which examine temporarily restricted time manners. "Scavenger will examine several gameplay alterations -- diminished substance limitation, quicker substance harvesting, and making wellbeing for eliminations," the firm said in its own patch notes.

You can find the changelog for the bug fixes down below:

  1. Fixed a problem in which holding the Interact binding whilst skydiving wouldn't automatically begin opening chests on landing.
  2. Fixed a problem where players temporarily continued to seem like they had been skydiving after landing.
  3. Fixed issue where PS4 controller lighting could be the wrong colour.
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