How To Book Train Tickets Via Irctc App :- Online Method

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How To Book Train Tickets Via Irctc App:- Hello Friend Today I Will Teach You How To Book Train Ticket Online Via Irctc App. Probably, people do not have any idea of the fact that nowadays, the train ticket booking has become very easy, so people still go to the agent and give extra money to get a train ticket, or a ticket book To go to the special railway station and fill in the form by looking into the line. And besides which train is the seat, how many o'clock train, or it is difficult to find much information related to the trains

In the absence of information or method, many of you do not know that our work can be done in just 10 minutes, without giving any extra money. So today we tell you how

How To Book Train Tickets Via Irctc App

  • Download IRCTC's app to your smartphone and click on "train ticket" Now log in here. If you do not have an account on IRCTC website, then click on register and create your account.

  • Then log in by entering your login id and password.

  • As soon as your account is logged in, a new window will be opened in the name of the new booking. Now here it is said to be told and when it is time to put the details. Like we have to go to New Delhi from Amritsar, on 17th January and then click search

  • After clicking on the search, the list of trains will arrive, which will take you to your destination from your chosen station. As on January 17, there was a list of all the trains going from Delhi to Amritsar and the time will be gone. And we chose the golden century from it.

  • We can also see a map of our way, at which station our train will be staying. For this, click on the three points given next to the train name and our map will open.

  • After which click on the name of the train, which category should be the ticket and how many sites it will be known in the train like 399 seats in the cc square, now click on the available ticket to book.

  • Now the new add passenger window is open here and we clicked on add passenger.

  • After this, the passenger who has to book the ticket will have to fill the details such as name, age, male/female and then the food section of the food or carnivore and after selecting nationality in the last, click on done

  • After this we can see that a passenger has been added here and if we want to book more people's tickets, then by clicking the added passenger, fill the details of that passenger and if any child has to book the ticket So click on add child. After filling all the passengers' details click on the book

  • After this, the payment window will open and you can see how much your total ticket is and then fill the following captcha and click on the payout

  • After this, choose your payment mode, such as credit/debit, net banking, or pay the wallet the way you want to pay.

  • After payment, the ticket will be booked and the PNR number will be received. This PNR number will also be received on your register mobile number and your ticket will also be sent to your email which you can print.

Keep in mind that while traveling on the online ticket booking, one passenger must keep his photo ID proof close to him.

Friends, now you may have understood how without giving money to the agent or you can book your rail ticket sitting in a long line without sitting in the long line. If you have any questions, please ask through the comment.

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