How to buy Reliance Jio Mobile online

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How To Buy Reliance Jio Mobile Online:- It is logical to say that many Indians today are without any trouble with access to the Indian internet for JIO. Mr. Mukesh Ambani had started JIO on 5th of September 2016. According to that policy, you can take a JIO sim from your Adhar Card number and your fingerprint. You have to download an app to start this sim. And after that, you know everything about JIO Sim. In the same way, on 21st of 2017, Mukesh ji launched Reliance Jio Mobile (Reliance JIO Mobile). Friends In this article we will learn how to buy Reliance Geo Mobile online?

It's a phone that will give you everything that gives a smartphone, but you have to deposit Rs1500 to take this phone. After 3 years when you return the phone, you will get this money back, meaning you do not have any money to take this phone.

This phone has 4g sim support, this phone is a camera, navigation is much more. But how will you order this phone? These phones can be ordered from both offline and online. So let's know how to buy Reliance Geo Mobile (Reliance JIO Mobile) online from this article?

How To Buy Reliance Jio Mobile Online

Offline order

If you want to order this phone offline, take your Adhar Card near your JIO Store or JIO retailer near you.

Online order

⇒ App
If you have to order online then you will have to download a JIO App from your mobile. If you wish, you can order your friend, relative or Mama Papa mobile, if they have a My JIO App in their phone then. You will keep this in mind that when you deliver your JIO phone then his phone is with you. After delivery, it will not look more.

⇒ website || How To Buy Reliance Jio Mobile Online
If you wish, you can also order online from JIO's official website. It is important to know that hotspot, WhatsApp will not support yet on your JIO phone, but it will start supporting soon.

So, friends, you can book Reliance Jiyo Mobile for yourself according to the above article. We assume that you liked this article and were associated with similar information with us and follow our blog.
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