How to change Caller Tune In Jio

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How to change Caller Tune In Jio:- Want to know how to set up a Jio caller tune? But if you do not know how to do it then here you will get complete information on how to set up caller tune in Jio.

Since the launch of Jio in India, the highest internet in the world is being used in our country only. In a country where people used to think often times before using the internet, today the internet is being used in every corner of the country. It has been found possible only because of Jio. Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Jio, had started shipping people for the first time to raise money for the 4G network and also got unlimited 4G data and voice calling for three months, due to which today Jio is India's most The more used telecom operator is.

Because of the Jio, people are using 4G smartphones to leave behind 2G phones. Jio is giving more benefits in less money such as unlimited voice call, 1GB data per day, 100 SMS per day, roaming free etc., for three months, it also comes in the budget of these people and the entire month is also good entertainment. is. But do you know that you can also set up caller tune for free? Yes, you can keep your favorite songs by removing the "trying trying" bell that is heard on your phone. And you do not need to pay any money for this. It is also included in the benefits of jio.

Many people think that if they keep the caller tune in the jio numbers they will have to pay extra money as we pay for the caller tune in many other operators (Airtel, bsnl, Vodafone, idea), but such a thing Not even there. Now here the question arises, how to set hello tune in jio sim? I have a solution to this problem. Here are 3 ways to tell you so that you can easily keep the caller tune in your jio number. So without delay, let's know how to set a jio caller Tune

To set up caller tune in Jio, you can use the caller tune number of jio so that you can make your caller tune to any new and old favorite song of any movie, album, and singer. For this, you will have to send a message on your call toll-free number 56789 from your jio number, after which your caller tune will be set. how to do step by step let's see

  • First of all, open the regular messaging app on your phone and write that movie, album, singer's name in capital letters and send it to 56789 to set a movie, album and singer's song in it. like,

  1. Write to set movie song MOVIE DHADAK

  2. To set songs for the album, write ALBUM OH HUMSAFAR

  3. To set singer songs, write SINGER SONU NIGAM

  • After typing the name of the song and sending it to "56789" a message will be sent to your number, which will be given a list of songs for movie, album, and singer. There will also be a song of your choice on that list. By typing that number on the choice number of your choice, you need to reply again to 56789.

As I have sent a message to set the song here, I am telling him how a list of his song will appear –

Result: (DHADAK)





Here if you have to set the caller tune of option number 1, then send it by typing 1. In the same way, you can also send album and singer songs by selecting them.

  • After selecting the option number you will get another confirmation message from JIO, in which you have to confirm whether to keep the caller tune to the song you have selected. For this, you have to send Y by writing.

  • After that, your phone will re-message that your caller tune has been set for one month.

How to change Caller Tune In Jio:-

Whichever caller tune you set, it will remain for 1 month, after that you can again set that song to caller tune for the next month or even if you want to keep another song this time again You can change your caller tune by typing the name of song, album and singer song in the same process.

How To Stop Jio Caller Tune || How to change Caller Tune In Jio

If you have to stop the service of jio caller tune set to your number, then you can deactivate caller tune by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your regular messaging app.

  • Write STOP and send it to 56789.

  • Once you send the message, your caller tune will be stopped. You will receive a message confirming this.

How to copy Jio Caller Tune from any number?

This is the second and easiest way to set up a Jio caller tune in which you can set a caller tune in-jokes. You just have to do this in that when you call on your friend or relative's jio number if he has a caller tune which you like very much then you also copy that caller tune at the same time and set it to your number.
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