How To Do Online Shopping

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How To Do Online Shopping:- The Internet world is so big that we have as much work to learn about online internet. You can not imagine how easy the Internet has made our lives, today with the help of the Internet, we can do very few things easily. The most popular online shop in the world today is online shopping sites. Because with the help of the online shopping site, we can do online shopping in Hindi sitting at home. Anything else can buy and our purchased material comes with great comfort at our given address and wHow To Do Online Shopping
e do not have to go anywhere. So let's know from this article

How To Do Online Shopping -

Before we go shopping online on the internet, we need to know what is necessary for us to do online shopping.

  • Computer, Tablet, Mobile (whatever you're having )

  • Email ID (for subscribing to the site on online shopping site)

  • Money / Money (to buy goods)

  • Credit Card / Debit Card (to pay)

  • Address (for receipt of luggage)

Benefits of Online Shopping - Online shopping || How To Do Online Shopping

There are many benefits to shopping online. Here I am giving you some points. You will understand yourself

Saving time || How To Do Online Shopping

The biggest thing is to save time. If you go to the store, you will have to go to the shop yourself, while shopping online, the goods will be delivered to your home.

Saving money 

When we buy goods from a shop, obviously the shopkeeper will make a profit of 10-20 rupees on that stuff. By shopping online, the shopkeeper's benefit works and the company directs our goods to our home.

Good and cheap stuff 

In the market, shopkeepers give us fake goods. By shopping online, we will get original goods.

Up to 30 days luggage withdrawal facility "30 days to complete the service"

If you do not like the stuff after doing the online stuff, you can return it back to 30 days. While the shopkeeper does not return the goods purchased from the shop pay.

The payment is made after the arrival of the goods

When you are shopping online, you have to pay the payment after the arrival of the luggage. It also gives you an opportunity to check your baggage well.

The whole stuff is ordered from an order

In the market, we have to go to one of the shops for luggage, but with online shopping, we can ask for all the goods at home.

There is no fear of being cheated 

We have a rate in the market that no one would give us cheap prices expensive. But this rate does not stay on buying online goods. Qiqi is a lot of company in our luggage. We can select the cheapest one. So now you guys have understood yourself now. So you do not have to tell anything else. So let us know ahead of the online shopping.

Online shopping from said? "Online shopping from"

This question has come to your mind. Well, there are many sites. Do online shopping

Some of which I'm telling you about:

  • Online shopping site

  • Amazon online shopping

  • Saris Online Shopping

  • Amazon Online Shopping Mobile

  • paytm online shopping mobile

  • Flipkart Online Shopping

  • Snap deal online shopping

There are many more online shopping sites But the popular sites of these are,,, You can shop online from the sites which are cheap and good for you. How to pay for purchasing online goods? There are ways to pay. But I'll tell you the easiest way, paying from any bank's ATM i.e. with a debit card. As you see in the image. You can pay in this manner.

Select Debit Card

Here's the number 16 of your card filled in.

Select your card's XP date.

Behind your card is a CVV number of 3 digits. They put it here.

Click on Pay Now.

Now there will be a message on your number, it will have an OTP password. They have to verify you. Now your payment has been made. Now in 2 to 5 days, the item you ordered will reach your address.
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